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The mission of the Flip Flop to the World campaign is to GIVE... so that others can Live, by providing shoes for the orphans, the poor, the under-served and less fortunate throughout our world; and at the same time, giving them hope, love, and encouragement. 

FLIP FLOP to the WORLD (formerly Flip Flop to Nigeria) was founded in 2012 by the then national reigning Miss Plus America Elite, Spruce Dickerson;  collecting flip flop donations to distribute in Nigeria in order to provide protection for their feet from disease and infections.  Not only this, but it was Spruce's heart to want to encourage those less fortunate with hope​ and love.  

With the re-branding and restructure of the charity; the focus, mission, and heart is still the same.... just new logistics.  The territory of this charity has been expanded to the world, so every year, we will have a different Country of Focus for the annual flip flop collection.

The collection campaign is held from

June 1 - August 31 annually, with donations received from throughout the United States.  The support of local Central Texas businesses hosting collection barrels and community collection efforts including Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, schools, churches, and pageants drive the campaign to success every year!  


Not only are flip flops needed, but monetary love gifts as well; in order to ship the annual collection to its designated country, and to support the work of the charity.

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Annual Campaign

June 1 - August 31

National Flip Flop Day 

May 29th

Cocktail Dress Auction

date TBD




Mission Statement

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Thank you for giving...
and making a difference! ♥

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